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How MyMedLeads is Helping this Doctor Increase Revenue

Hear from Platic Surgeon, Dr. Vivek Bansal on how implementing MyMedLeads with his Nextech practice management software drastically improved staff efficiency, patient care and revenue. Dr. Bansal describes how the integration transformed his practice’s lead management process, significantly boosting staff productivity, office morale, patient engagement and practice revenue.

Some of Dr. Bansal’s observations are highlighted below.

  • It’s saved time for our staff and eliminated a lot of data entry work
  • Dramatically reduced the number of mistakes being made by the staff
  • Improved patient care and virtually eliminated complaints regarding unreturned calls
  • Morale has improved as the staff is more focused on interacting with the patient
  • Outgoing phone calls have increased 3x alongside increased practice revenue

Watch the video above to see Dr. Bansal’s full review. If you would like to see a customized presentation of how MyMedLeads can benefit your own practice, click on the button below to request a free demo.