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We are very excited to announce our latest feature – Instant Desktop Notifications. MyMedLeads is always working to find new ways to automate the medical lead management process while increasing your staff’s efficiency. This powerful feature is a significant step forward in saving time and boosting your staff’s productivity. Medical office personell have a lot on their plate, and lead information is frequently not recorded properly, or worse, leads get stuck in email inboxes or lost in your CRM.

Instant Desktop Notifications allow your receptionists to quickly capture lead information and easily input data into practice and lead management software. Staff are alerted via a popup on their desktop moments before the phone rings in your office (or when an inquiry arrives via a form submission). This notification provides your staff with valuable, contextual data about the lead. Clicking on the popup logs the user directly into MyMedLeads. The system automatically converts the inquiry into a lead that can be managed and nurtured with minimal data entry.

Desktop Notifications will optimize your medical office workflow while ensuring you never lose another lead again! Visit our Instant Desktop Notifications page to download the free app.


Video Transcription

Introducing our desktop notification app, the easiest way to manage your incoming calls and web inquiries.

Your medical receptionists are busy people who are inundated with patients, requests and an excess of information each day. Managing incoming leads can often take a backseat to whatever fire needs to be put out first. Entering caller information into your practice management software is time consuming, and it can be difficult to determine where calls are coming from. Not managing inquiries properly however can negatively affect your lead to patient conversion rate.

With MyMedLead’s new desktop app, managing and converting incoming calls and web inquiries is now as easy as one click.

Here is how our service works. Once you install the free app and login, our app will sit quietly on your desktop. The moment that someone calls a call tracking phone number, you will receive a pop up notification that you can click on. MyMedLeads automatically converts the caller information into a lead.

If the inquiry doesn’t immediately turn into a consultation, you can simply add an email, patient notes and select the service or procedure they are interested in, so that our automated email marketing campaigns can start nurturing that lead. If the lead is ready to book an appointment, you can easily schedule them for a consultation by clicking the schedule consult button.

With call tracking and desktop notifications, 100% of your leads are now managed and nurtured so that you can convert more leads into patients. Visit MyMedLeads.com to learn more.