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A Word from CEO Enrique Rangel

As you are aware, in an effort to conserve supplies and equipment during the COVID-19 outbreak, plastic surgeons have been asked by the White House to cease all surgical procedures.

We understand and empathize with the frustration and uncertainty many of you are feeling at this time. So, we wanted to reach out and propose some things you can be doing now to ensure you still have a profitable 2020 once things are back up and running.

While there is no doubt that COVID-19 has had an immense impact on the Aesthetics community, it’s not all bad news. We are seeing an upswing in aesthetic procedures research as many Americans have suddenly found themselves with more downtime at home to do so.

Realself, a leading source for people considering cosmetic treatments and major referral source for plastic surgery leads, corroborated these findings as well.

“If there’s any silver lining in all of this, we continue to see solid interest in aesthetics research and our @realself Instagram account is seeing record levels of engagement. I am fully aware that this doesn’t help doctors in the near-term, but it’s a clear signal that the aesthetics industry will rebound down the road.”

Tom Seery

CEO, Realself

What You Can Be Doing Right Now…

Since MyMedLeads software is cloud-based, employees can still continue doing valuable work from home that will ensure you’re ready to bounce back strong from this current setback.

  • Clean up your sales funnel data – Right now is the perfect time to finally get around to those tasks that continually get pushed to the backburner when you’re too busy.
  • Focus on your funnel’s follow-up section – Right now is an excellent opportunity to retarget leads that did not convert to a procedure due to cost or time. It may not be a good time to focus on major procedures, but you still have plenty of unconverted leads for your minimally invasive treatments. Now may be the time to reach out to these individuals offering discounts on nonsurgical treatments, as cutting costs is better than not bringing in any money at all.
  • Listen to recorded calls – Take advantage of the call recording feature in your MyMedLeads account to listen to calls. Download the successful ones to utilize for training and learn from mistakes of the not so successful ones.
  • Review lead conversion – Make use of our ROI tracking features to cut down on marketing expenses that are not making you money. Ensure that ROI reports are turned on by adding expense allocation so that we can calculate how much money was spent and how much money was made.
  • Create marketing campaigns – MyMedLeads allows you to create demographic-specific emails and text message campaigns, which are fantastic for boosting conversion rates. Since practices often find themselves too busy to allot time for creating campaign content, now is a great time to work on these. Creating procedure-specific marketing campaigns requires less effort than you might think. You already have tons of great resources on your website like before and after photos, FAQs, patient testimonials, financing info and more. Simply drop some of this content into an email and you’re ready to go. (Campaign Creation Tutorial)
  • Ensure you are using two-way texting effectively – If you are not already using this feature, now is a great time to watch this video and activate your account’s two-way texting abilities. Texting leads from within your MyMedLeads dashboard is an easy way to remain HIPAA compliant during this time, rather than texting leads and patients from your personal cell phone. This feature will come in extra handy during this time to keep all staff on the same page regarding communications.
  • Watch MyMedLeads training videos – Downtime also creates an excellent opportunity to brush up on best practices and ensure you are using our suite of practice growth tools to their maximum potential. Visit MyMedLeads.net to access video training, help articles, and additional resources.

Reach Out to Our Team for Further Help

Rest assured that our Client Support team will remain available throughout this time to help with whatever you need. We also encourage you to reach out to our Client Success Team. We’re available to help you learn more about optimizing MyMedLeads tools to create more conversion opportunities. For more information about Client Success Coaching, please send an email to Barbara@mymedleads.com.

Our web-based, proprietary technology empowers your team to remain highly efficient and well-equipped to work from anywhere with an internet connection, therefore, we expect no disruptions to your MyMedLeads account.